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No more empty promises


How It Works

You make a promise. We help motivate you. You succeed or you give money to charity. Simple!

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    Make a Promise

    Promise to make a change –
    give up smoking, stick to your budget or run every day!

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    Select a Charity

    Choose the charity you want to partner with for your promise.

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    Put money on it

    Bet on yourself to
    succeed by pledging.

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    Share Your Promise

    Tell the Promise or Pay community and get support to stay on track.


We help you achieve your goals, while helping to make a better world!

Shaun Greenblo

I promise to drink 1 litre of water every day or pay $50 to SURFAID

Shaun Greenblo
Jenna Forer

I promise to complete a half marathon or pay $100 to Pandas International

Jenna Forer
Josh Rabinovitz

I promise to not hit the snooze button or pay $30 to ABCs and Rice

Josh Rabinovitz
Aimee Harel

I promise to meditate every day or pay $60 to Batyr

Aimee Harel
Steve Pillemer

I promise to go for a run at least twice a week or pay $80 to Animal Welfare League NSW

Steve Pillemer
Daniel Silver

I promise to turn off my smartphone for one day or pay $40 to Cercle Social

Daniel Silver


Congratulations on a thought provoking concept. I urge people to get involved and engage with this brilliant tool in behavioral psychology.

Zachary Midalia
Zachary MidaliaInvestment Consultant - M.H. Carnegie & Co.

Promise or Pay is simple, fun yet extremely powerful concept. If you keep your promise you make yourself better and if you break it you make someone else better. It’s a win win for everyone.

Muhammad Omer
Muhammad OmerFounder - Impact Investors & Social Startups

Such a fantastic concept! Promise or Pay is a fun interactive way to realise your personal, relationship & career goals. If you’re serious about achieving your goals, I’d highly recommend it.

Prashan Paramanathan
Prashan ParamanathanCEO - Chuffed

I’ve worked with Jay Boolkin, Promise or Pay’s founder, as a pro-bono coach over the past four months. In this time I’ve been delighted to notice Jay’s dedication to social justice, passion for social innovation and commitment to becoming who he needs to be in order to successfully implement this important project.
My belief is that these attributes far outweigh a long resume and status partnerships. The authenticity and passion that Jay brings to Promise or Pay are sure to provide a solid platform for this new entity to create an enormous impact.

Kerry Grace
Kerry GraceDirector - Evolve Network Australia