What is Promise or Pay?

Promise or Pay is an online honour system that allows you to publicly promise to do something or pay a nominated amount to a charity if you don’t follow through.


Why make a promise?

It’s no secret that sticking to self-improvement commitments is difficult, and what’s more, failing to reach a goal can be disappointing and discouraging. Promise or Pay aims overcome these annoyances by allowing you to share your commitment with others and thereby strengthen your intention of keeping it. We also integrate charitable giving to create a win-win outcome and a guaranteed social impact. Either you keep your promise thereby benefiting yourself, or you contribute towards solving a pressing social problem thereby benefiting others!


What kind of promise can I make?

You can promise to do anything – give up smoking, find a new job, reconnect with an old friend, save more money, or climb Mountain Everest! We do ask that you keep your promises family-friendly. Posts that contain defamatory, explicit, obscene, threatening, or offensive content will be removed.


Will I be charged upfront for making a promise?

No. You will only be charged if you break your promise or if you do not update your promise before your completion date.
You may see a small payment authorisation in the pending charges section of your credit card, this is not a true charge and will disappear - this may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on your bank.


Do I have to share my promise?

Yes. More than anything we want you to keep your promise so we encourage you to share it. Years of social and behavioural research shows that people who write down their goals and share them with others are up to 10 times more likely to achieve them. So don’t be shy, tell the world!


How are charities selected?

To maximise the impact of every dollar donated we have partner with charities that are clear about their purpose, mission and values. We believe they use their resources wisely to effectively implement programs that have the ability to actually make a difference. We also want to give you the opportunity to choose from a number of charities working to combat a wide range of social issues.


What does it cost charities to join Promise or Pay?

Nothing. Zero, Zip, Nada, Zilch.


Does Promise or Pay charge a fee?

We charge our selected charities a 10% service fee plus a mandatory 2.7% and 30cents card processing fee from our partner, Stripe, on each donation, then reinvest these fees into making constant improvements to Promise or Pay and offering new services. We hope to reduce this in the future. At the moment however, Promise or Pay receives no funding from outside agencies and the service fee will contribute towards the running costs of the project and achieving our aim of becoming self-sustainable as quickly as possible. Our priority is to raise money for our selected charities but in order to keep our website robust and maximise Promise or Pay’s huge growth potential and social benefits – a 10% fee is required.


When will my selected charity receive my donation? 

Total donations paid to each charity are transferred on a last day of each month.


Will I receive a receipt for my donations?

Yes. Once your donation has been processed you will immediately receive a receipt to your email.


Can I get a tax deductible receipt for my donation?

Promise or Pay is not qualified to offer tax advice on the deductibility of donations made by a donor. You should obtain independent tax advice about the deductibility of your donation. Some charities have represented to us that they have tax deductible status and have authorised us to issue receipts on their behalf on this basis. You will only be issued with a tax deductible receipt for those charities charities marked ‘Donations are tax deductible’ on the ‘Select Your Charity’ Page. For these you will be issued with a tax deductible receipt on the last day of the month in which you donate. For charities not marked ‘Donations are tax deductible’ a tax deductible receipt will not be issued.