Intuitive | Transformation Catalyst
Vanessa helps people on a mission align with their divine Soul and manifesting blueprint, so that they can power their purpose. She digs into the depths of your Soul’s blueprint and gets to the root cause of any issue, so that you can take aligned action and claim ownership of your uniqueness and thrive in whatever you want to experience.
Having spent over 15 years as an accredited exercise physiologist working in corporate health, elite sport, and chronic disease management, Vanessa became well aware of the conscious and subconscious limitations within her clients that were contributing to achieving their goals, whether they were an elite athlete, a senior corporate executive, or a WorkCover employee. Having always had the nagging feeling that there was “something more” to all of this, she developed an insatiable thirst for quantum physics and become professionally qualified in Soul Realignment, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Reiki (master). Vanessa has directed her work into integrating the mind, body, AND Soul in a very practical and grounded way to achieve outcomes.
Vanessa is also the author of The Gift, a story exploring the question, do we have gifts from previous lifetimes lying dormant ready to be expressed in this lifetime? The Gift is the first of a trilogy, with its sequel, Human Evolution, in draft and the third instalment, Infinity (working title), percolating.

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