WTF is 101 beer tokens?

It’s simple. The rules:

  • From 1st January  – 31st December (365 days) you have 101 ‘beer tokens’- Just under two tokens per week (you can choose less tokens if you want too!).
  • One sip of anything alcoholic uses a token.
  • A whole night out with unlimited drinks still only uses a token.
  • If a night out goes through and into the following morning at 7am then that is two tokens and so on.

101 beer tokens is brainchild of Benny Wallington. You can check out Benny’s Journey on Medium.

To kick things off, Sara Rickards promises to not use more than 101 beer tokens in 2017 or pay $10,000 to Hello Sunday Morning

Want to join Sara on her journey? Make a promise and join the team at